Quick Lock AKNH High Current Connector System

Why not just plug it in instead of screwing? Just plug in without any loss of power.

Rethink bolted joints and see the benefits of plug-in connections compared with a threaded or welded connection, both in terms of economy and sheer quality. With the AKNH plug-in connection, costs and power losses are minimal.

Quick Lock AKNH High Current Connector

► Plug-in instead of screwing -> time and cost saving in the assembly

► Process reliability due to secondary lock

► Touch protection in two different lengths

► 360° rotatable

► Huge strain relief because of 90° design

► 4mm contact area with 10 lamellar contacts, compact, high contact security at vibrations, low contact heating at high currents

► 8 mm pin, 400 A current rating

► Very low contact resistant < 30 µO

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AKNH Quick Lock Connector System

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