Canadus Solar | One-System Battery Solution

The Canadus Solar One-System Battery Solution helps ensure readiness and reliability no matter how far off the grid you are.

By incorporating solar panels with the advanced desulfation technologies provided by the Canadus HD-1224 battery reconditioner, Canadus has designed a complete solution that maximizes  reliability at all times no matter how far off of the grid you are. Both the Canadus HD-1224 and the solar panels are designed and manufactured in the United States and have gone through rigorous testing and certification.

  • Ensure charging via flexible and durable solar panels
  • Maintain battery longevity with the HD-1224s advanced reconditioning technologies
  • Improves overall electrical system performance
  • Adaptable to any size system to meet a wide range of needs (reefer trailers, military, RV, buses, and more)
  • Reduced alternator load to power batteries thanks to solar charging
  • Additional power provided on and off the grid to enable greater reliability
  • Help the environment with better fuel efficiency, less lead mining, and reduced carbon emissions