Our heritage has always been to be the perfect partner to support OEM’s of all sizes and in different market sectors with a variety of chassis-based products. Therefore it comes as no surprise to complement and develop together with both existing and potentially new customers, High Voltage systems for electric vehicles that can be completely customised to meet your exact requirements!

The partnership begins with trust and working with one another’s teams to explore all the possible solutions available to ensure both parties are delighted with the final solution to meet your application needs.

We are therefore delighted to offer the following high voltage components; cables, cable harnesses, laminated busbars, metal and plastic connectors, connection systems, Electric Vehicle battery box solutions, Power Distribution Units, Motor Controller Units, Multi-all-in-one solutions and relays.

Application Areas

Any electric vehicles or application on/off-road needs to distribute high-voltage within the respective HV-wiring system.

  • Focus: Commercial Vehicles On-Road, Off-Road, Military, Forestry, Special Vehicle applications.
  • Examples: Buses, Trucks, Excavators, Tracked or Wheeled Military Vehicles.


  • High Voltage Distribution within the HV-wiring system
  • Ingress Protection (IP67 and/or IP6K9K) (dependant on housing)
  • From 350 – 850 Volt solutions, (plus up to 1000 Volts with unique components)

Manufacturer and End User Benefits

  • Reduction in costs
  • Reduction in assembly time
  • Reduction in complexity
  • Reduction in space requirements
  • Reduction in weight
  • Reduction in stock levels
  • Decline in part numbers to manage internally
  • Increased reliability due to fewer failure points
  • Individual customer design
  • Easier access for replacement parts
  • Reduced downtime in the field in the event of a unit has to be changed.
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Proud sponsor of Clear River Racing

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