High-Voltage Connection Box

High-Voltage Connection box Special development for a Bus application where the Bus has a pantograph charger on the roof and vehicles charges when stationary.

The box contains up to 4 HV relays for 1000V/500 Amp and HV fuses.

Overhead Charging

The most common and actually an ancient way of charging is through physical contact or conductive located on top of the bus. This technology has it heritage from the use in trams and trains and is well proven, the technology for electric buses is of coursed adopted to short charging cycles with high power output.

Flexible Busbars

High-Voltage Connection box include flexible busbars that are made of a high-softness copper material as well as made by a special process. It can be bent manually or by means of a copper row bending machine for any twisting and bending, which is convenient for engineers to install, and makes the cabinet wiring beautiful.

Now the product has been widely used in various power distribution cabinets at domestic and abroad.

Features and advantage:

• High-quality insulating protective layer, excellent resistance to low temperature and high temperature resistance, stable operation in the temperature range of -40 ° C ~ +150 ° C

• High-quality flexible electrolytic copper strip guarantees excellent electrical conductivity, flexibility and flexibility in installation

• Multi-layer structure with good bending performance in the vertical direction and good rigidity in the lateral direction

• Can be punched with a screw connection or a dedicated connection clip for a non-porous connection, reducing contact resistance

EV Relays

High Voltage Relays with a ceramic vacuum seal or gas-filled relays are becoming ever more prevalent in our daily lives to help our environment by using low emission electric vehicles.

Our range of HV Relays has optional magnetic blowout options, low energy consumption and high contact reliability in various voltages to meet the application requirements. The high-voltage DC relays can maintain stable contact resistance regardless of the environment.

HV Fuses

HV Fuses have been used for reliable protection in high-voltage switchgear and controlgear and high-voltage systems for decades.
This fuse family features high breaking capacity and very fast fusing. With super strong terminal connection, the design satisfies usage condition on road.
Suitable for EV traction, power converter, power storage, capacitor, charger etc. This fuse functions as short circuit and backup protection.


Junction boxes for installation of signal and power distribution, with bespoke design of stainless steel and aluminium enclosures we can offer a cost-efficient installation solution for many applications. Connectors and cables entries are freely configurable.

High Voltage Connection Box
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