Cable Assemblies

USB Connector M12 – Material Handling

Vehicle HMI system have a M9 connector as output for Display image externally.

To get compability in field a adapter cable with sealed USB connector was developed.

We manufactured a cable according to customer request and specifikations.

Cable assemblies usb connectors

120mm2 Battery Terminal  – Mining Equipment

Battery cable 120mm2 to carry high current loads are used in customer application. Bolt fixed battery terminal is used.

We introduced a series of bolt fixed battery terminals including 120mm2 size, as well Battery terminal for 120mm2 with ensured fit to customer cable.

Cable Assembly 120 mm battery terminal

Signal Distribution system – Material Handling

Distribution of signals in crane application with focus on Enviromental sealing IP67 and production effiency.

We supplied complete system with cables and distribution boxes. Moulded connectors on customer specified cable.

We manufacture customised cable solutions and supplies globally.

Cable Harness Assembly

Complete cable assembly including connectors/sensors according to customer specification.

Starter Cable Kit – Commercial Vehicle

The existing Starter Cable Kits on the market did not meet the high customer requirements.

A Starter Cable Kit was manufactured and tested trying to for fill the high customer requirements.

We suppliesda tested and verified Starter Cable Kit that that meets all of customers high requirements.

Cable Assemblies starter cable kit