On today’s fast evolving market for commercial vehicles, the move towards more sophisticated electrical systems and electric powertrains places strict demands on the type of connectors used for each vehicle.

When working with EG Electronics’s experienced team of engineers, our customers are sure to receive the support and feedback that they need to optimize their power distribution system, including the connectors that goes into the final design of a commercial vehicle.

By choosing connectors that save space and weight, CO2-emissions as well as complexity in the final design can be reduced. EG Electronics has extensive experience developing electrical systems for the defence industry, so we can suggest durable connectors for the most hostile of operating environments. Overmoulding of connectors is a particularly effective way to ensure greater toughness and durability.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with industry leading manufacturers, we are able to offer connectors based on the latest technology and designs.

Make sure to contact a member of our sales staff if you are curious to hear more about how choosing the right connectors when designing a commercial vehicle can lead to cost-savings for you and your customers.

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Conec connectors
MTA automotive fuses
Automotive Connectors

Automotive Interconnect

Industrial & Commercial Transportation products include an unparalleled portfolio of rugged electrical connector products. Environmentally sealed connectors are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and to keep vehicles moving forward including splash-proof and submersible performances.

EG Electronics portfolio of heavy duty solutions help vehicles operate safer, cleaner, and smarter. Portfolio includes sealed wire-to-wire, wire-to-board automotive connections from leading suppliers.

Catalogue Transportation

MIL Connectors

MIL Interconnect

To support the demanding needs of the international military markets a large selection of durable, reliable Connectors for the Most Demanding Environments of military ground, air, and sea applications are offered.

Selection includes circular Mil-Spec military connectors such as MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-5015, d-sub, micro-d and more, available in standard or custom configurations.

MIL Connectors Linecard

Signal Distribution

Signal Distribution

Automation and Pneumatic Connectivity System fills the needs for sensor connection in industrial machinery and factory automation. The M5/M8/M12/M23 standard is also ideal for applications outside of the traditional industries where a compact, reliable connection system with environmental protection is required.

Passive distribution boxes fully sealed housing for a structured wiring of sensors and actuators in various configurations.

Automation and Pneumatic Connectivity

Trailer Connectors

Trailer (ABS/EBS) Connection

In order to provide a safe and secure connection between your towing vehicle and trailer in both heavy and light vehicle applications AK supply the connection between tractor and trailers.
Including Industry standard for:

  • GGVS/ADR use
  • 15-pin plugs and sockets
  • 24V
  • 12V (DIN ISO 7638, ISO12098 certified) parking sockets, coils and connection wires
  • 7-pin receptacles (ISO 1185/3731) with retractable cables, coils and wire.
  • Adapters for receptacles 15-pin (24S and 24N)

Catalogue Trailer (ABS/EBS) Connectors

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