Power Connectors

Full and innovate range of power connectors to empower your application. Ranging from grid to vehicle connectors to onboard power distribution connector system.

Our offering extends over standards both for commercial and military use.

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AKNH High Current Connector

AKNH High Current Connector System

Why not just plug it in instead of screwing? Just plug in without any loss of power.

Rethink bolted joints and see the benefits of plug-in connections compared with a threaded or welded connection, both in terms of economy and sheer quality. With the AKNH plug-in connection, costs and power losses are minimal.

AKNH Quick Lock Connector System

90° high-current connector with quick lock for PCBs and bus bars

Euro Battery Connectors (EBC)

The DIN 43589 standard for Battery Charge and Connect on most Battery Powered vehicles such as Forklift Trucks.
Suitable for all kind of industrial batteries including Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-Ion).

See also our products for EV Charging

Power connectors VG standard

VG Standard Power Connector System

VG Standard Power Connector System has been developed according to military requirements and complies with various VG standards and NATO stock number.

Overview VG MIL Power Connectors

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