EV Busbars

EG Electronics vast range of busbars typically seen in electric power distribution to connect high-voltage and low-voltage equipment. They are generally uninsulated, but we have all different types to meet your application needs and are critical in every power distribution or junction box.

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Flexible Busbars

The flexible busbar is made of a high-softness copper material as well as made by a special process. It can be bent manually or by means of a copper row bending machine for any twisting and bending, which is convenient for engineers to install, and makes the cabinet wiring beautiful.

Now the product has been widely used in various power distribution cabinets at domestic and abroad.

Features and advantage:

• High-quality insulating protective layer, excellent resistance to low temperature and high temperature resistance, stable operation in the temperature range of -40 ° C ~ +150 ° C

• High-quality flexible electrolytic copper strip guarantees excellent electrical conductivity, flexibility and flexibility in installation

• Multi-layer structure with good bending performance in the vertical direction and good rigidity in the lateral direction

• Can be punched with a screw connection or a dedicated connection clip for a non-porous connection, reducing contact resistance

Laminated Busbar Technology

Compact structure, durable, good heat dissipation.
The laminated busbar, also called composite busbar, which is a multi-layer composite structure connecting row.
In other words, it’s a distribution system highway

In the power system power distribution, the laminated busbar is used to conduct the bus to the current of each branch, which has the following advantages compared with the conventional one:

Features and advantage:

• Flexible input and output, which can be well integrated with connectors, fasteners, cables, etc.

• Low inductance, which can effectively reduce spike voltage and protect electronic components such as IGBT

• Low impedance and good heat dissipation efficiency, reducing system temperature rise

• Compact structure for more rational optimization of spatial structure

• Easy to install and easy to maintain

• Durable

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