SCS200 – Intelligent Power Distribution | E-T-A

The SCS200 from E-T-A is an intelligent power distribution system for controlling and protecting larger loads in a variety of different platforms, including agricultural vehicles, forestry equipment, construction machinery, buses and specialty vehicles.

With its compact IP67-rated housing, the SCS200 saves space in the vehicle by reducing wiring while helping to cut production costs.

CAN bus connection allows initialization of the device, switching of the load outputs and sending diagnostic data to the master controller. Measurements include output current, voltage and output status ensuring real-time load monitoring and quick trouble-shooting.

8 or 12 outputs with an ampacity of up to 30 Amps per channel can switch a variety of loads like motors, lighting, pumps, cameras and valves.

The SCS200 is available in a fully electronic version with configurable integral load protection as well as a relay and circuit breaker version.

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