Our waterproof vehicle solar charging panels can solve all your concerns!

Solar Panel Commercial Vehicle Truck

The battery is automatically charged under sunlight to improve the cameras battery life

Vehicle solar charging panels generates electricity efficiently even under weak sunlight

By using sunpower silicon panel with high conversion rate, it can still have a good photoelectric conversion efficiency under weak sunlight, and even the lowest conversion efficiency is 23%.

The charging effect is good, providing a steady stream of effective electricity under sunlight.

For high-power panel, we have foldable package optional to save

Semi-flexible package is not prone to be damaged and is easy to carry

This EG Electronics charging board uses a semi-flexible package, which is lighter than a glass package and is not easily broken due to external forces. It is also small in size and suitable for long-distance transport.

IP69K waterproof rate, so there is no fear of wind and snow

Our vehicle waterproof solar charging panels can be connected to several products and ensures an IP69k sealing level thus providing a stable and long-lasting charging for wireless products.

Solar Panel Camera System Wireless

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